New Secret Russian Guns hidden in Unturned

At least 5 new guns have silently been added to Unturned in last fridays update. Nelson has been actively working on a large size Russian map as confirmed in his AMA on Reddit.

Screenshot of a tank on the new Russian map.

Of course a new map means new items and weapons, but we did not expect any of this to end up hidden in our game this soon before the new Russian map release. Which reportedly is in a month or two.

Other than the screenshot above of one of the new tanks introduced in Unturned three weeks ago, there is not much known of the upcoming Russian map.

New Guns

The new Russian items found.


The Augewehr ID 1362. Despite the Augewehr not being Russian, it still will take Ranger magazines, and thus also a Ranger drum. Perhaps this AUG is the first step into turning Ranger magazine weapons into a direct competitor of military magazine weapons.


The Bulldog ID 1369. The UZI is back from the dead, with 20 to 50 9-millimeter round magazines.


The Teklowvka ID 1360. A new semi-automatic 9-millimeter pistol that supports 10 up to 50 round magazines. This means that the Teklowvka will have the highest magazine of all the pistols currently in the game, with a decently high fire rate.


The Vonya ID 1366. A new semi-automatic shotgun, fed by 12 gauge rounds shells in a magazine. It uses the same ammunition as the Bluntforce shotgun in Unturned. Because it’s semi-automatic, it will most likely be the best shotgun in Unturned thus far.


The Fury ID 1364. And finally, the most rare and probably most powerful weapon ever seen in Unturned, the Fury, a full blown minigun. Not much is known of the new minigun at this point, but we can expect it to have a huge fire rate and be extremely rare to find in the game.

More information

YouTuber MeLikeBigBoom has made a full video on the newly found icons and goes in-depth explaining all that is currently known.