Unturned Update Notes

Arms Shipment Part #2 of 2

Russian survivors have recovered a key military storage depot housing a huge arsenal of Russia’s finest weapons, and have begun shipping them out to share with the Coalition. This week the full arsenal of newly uncovered weapons is deployed in Coalition airdrops!

Update Notes






A few large objects which need to be seen from extended ranges are now rendered past the view limit with the Landmarks option. Modders can add a super low LOD version of their objects named “Skybox” to take advantage of this feature. In the future I’d like to upgrade all large objects and trees to use it.


This week the update was mostly ready to go last weekend, so I’ve been powering through another ~90 new objects wrapping them up aside from whatever few miscellaneous things are required when finishing the level. On that front the map itself is coming along quite nicely, not too long away now!